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Introduction To The First Edition

The purpose of this pamphlet isn't to preach about why you shouldn't eat animals and how animals are tortured because of society's consumption of them. It has been compiled as a working reference for those who are most likely vegan, and who wonder if Dihydroxyethyl Soyamine Dioleate in their favorite potato chips is vegan (which it isn't)

This pamphlet is comprised of several different articles from all over the country. There were a lot of things that we had collected that we wanted to include but due to the space constraints we were forced to carefully select articles that stayed consistent with the original goal we had set out to accomplish.

The Possible Animal Derived List in this pamphlet requires some explanation. This is a myriad of ingredients that fit into two categories. The first, are ingredients that are most likely animal-derived, but no confirmation has been given by the manufacturer(s). The other are ingredients that in some cases are animal-derived, but not always. Usually it is best to use your judgement. Lecithin for example will say Soy-Lecithin if it is not derived from animals, on the other hand some ingredients offer no clue to their origins. It is usually best to avoid most of the products listed in this section, just to be safe.

The booklet focuses mainly on food, but it also extends somewhat into shampoos and other products that even people of the meat-eating culture wouldn't normally eat. We have tried to be as thorough and correct as possible, all the information contained in this publication is from reliable sources, all of which are documented at the end, and most have been double checked with our own resources. If you find any additions or corrections please direct them to E.G. Smith Press, P.O. Box 82026, Columbus, Ohio, 43202 - please include sources and explanations.

-E.G. Smith Press Collective